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Ancient Cities and Archaeological Hills, Kermanshah (Part 2)


Jooda (Jewish) Hill, Kangavar

In the north of Kangavar there are the remnants of some ancient hills, the most famous of which is called the ‘Jooda hill’.

 According to the inhabitants, in the past there used to be a Jewish cemetery at this site, thus the name. This relatively large and elongated hill is placed near a smaller and low-lying hill around which various broken pieces of glazed earthenware have been found.

Qorvaqeh (Qoorbaqeh) Hill, Sahneh

In southeastern Sahneh at a distance of 2 km., there are two ancient hills. The larger hill is known as Qoorbaqeh (Frog) Hill. The second hill is smaller and is situated on the eastern side of the former. Its surface and surroundings are covered with plain and designed earthenware. Its designed earthenware are compatible to those discovered in third Geyan hillock, the third Goudin hillock, and the ancient civilization of Saqez Abad in the Qazvin plain.

Rostam Abad Hill, Kangavar

Near the Rostam Abad Village dwellings, 13 km. northeast of Kangavar, a large ancient hill is located. From its tombs, pre-historic vestiges have been discovered which are similar to those pre-historic vestiges of Nahavand. This vicinity is related to the beginning of the second millennium B.C. In the beginning of first millennium B.C., the Kasi Tribe gained dominance here and it is the first time that relics of this period have been discovered in its surroundings.

In recent years a considerable amount of bronze objects have been discovered in the region just by accident.

Other Ancient Cities and Archaeological Hills

Other ancient areas of the province includes: the ancient Sassanid road in Bistoon area; the ancient city of Kambadneh between the Taq-e-Bostan and Kermanshah city; the Mambeh-e-Ab Hill in north west Kangavar; the Shalmaran hill 2 km. west of Kangavar; and Goudin Hill northwest of the Goudin Village from the distinct of central Kangavar which are related to the pre- Islamic and early Islamic eras.

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