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Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith (11)

prophet muhammad

1. Kindness to parents increases the span of your life, mendacity diminishes subsistence and prayers ward off malicious events.

2. A house without children lacks blessings.

3. There are seven ordeals between Paradise and man; the easiest of them all is death and the hardest is standing righteously before God at a time when the oppressed get hold of the oppressor.

4. Gluttony hardens hearts.

5. The earth is God’s property and so are the people, so reside where you are treated kindly.

6. Find a suitable partner for procreation of your children, because women give birth to children who resemble their brothers and sisters.

7. Oh people I have left behind two things among you, their presence would keep you from going astray: God’s book and my`Itrat’, that means my household.

8. Marry, for women multiply your abundance.

9. Keep away from the anxieties of this world, because whoever worries more, will be entangled in hardships and confusion by God, his poverty increases while whoever worries about the world hereafter God will take care of his involvements and free his heart from dearth.

10. Ponder over the blessings of God but don’t scrutinize His entity.

11. Though enmity with sinners get close to God and confront them with grim faces and search for the happiness of God in their dismay and by keeping aloof from them get close to God.

12. An honest and truthful merchant will be with martyrs on the Day of Resurrection.

13. Negligence is Satan’s aim which he sows in the hearts of the believers.

14. Repentance from sin means refraining from it in future.

15. God likes 3 types of people: those who wake up at night and recite the Book of God and those who give alms with the right hand and keep it a secret from the left and those who go to a battlefield and move toward the enemy while their comrades flee.

16. There are three properties that if anybody lacks them he will have fewer honors than a dog. Firstly, chastity that forestalls forbidden acts; secondly, forbearance that helps to repel ignorance of the uninitiated; and thirdly, good conduct that facilitates communal existence.

17. Paradise is under the feet of mothers.

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