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Kermanshah’s Handicrafts: Giveh

hand made giveh of kermanshah

Kelash and giveh are kinds of shoes with handwoven top. Giveh is the one with a higher quality. In rural and mountainous areas of Kermanshah Kelash which is a soft, comfortable, and durable shoe is widespread.

The production centers of these shoes are Paveh, Harsin, and Kermanshah.

Giveh is made up of two parts: sole and upper. The sole is usually rubber or leather the upper is woven thread. Before the arrival of rubber industry to the area kelash-makers would use a kind of wild-bull leather to make giveh and the upper was of wool or cotton thread. Most rich people would wear them. With the arrival of rubber industry lower class people use rubber in the sole of their shoes.

Another kind of kelash is Horami kelash. The giveh-makers of Horaman make the sole of giveh from old rags pressed firmly together and sewn with catgut. This kind of Giveh is quite different from those of Kermanshah and Harsin. There are different kinds of giveh: Dampay (slippers), Pashnah Boland (high heeled), Ajdar (with spikes), Holay (of towel), menjooghi (decorated with small rubber or glass beads), Qaysari, Jawee, Toori and Maleki.

Source: kermanshahmiras.ir

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