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Bipolar disorder: Preventing manic episodes

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• The more you know about bipolar disorder, the better you will be able to cope with this lifelong illness. There are many steps that you can take-or help a loved one take-to recognize and better manage manic episodes.

• Learn the warning signs of a manic episode and get early treatment to avoid disruption in your life.

• At the same time each day, record your mood and any symptoms.

• Take medicines as instructed by your doctor to help reduce the number of manic episodes.

• To help prevent a manic episode, avoid triggers such as caffeine, alcohol or drug use, and stress.

• Exercise, eat a balanced diet, get a good night's sleep, and keep a consistent schedule to reduce minor mood swings that can lead to more severe episodes of mania.

• Have an action plan in place so that if you do have a manic episode, those who support you can follow the plan and keep you safe.

Source: webmd.com

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