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Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith (10)


1. Reckoning the actions of man begins with prayer.

2. The Expected one is from my family and a son of Fatimah (peace be upon her).

3. Prior to Doomsday the world will be full of tyranny and oppression. Then, a man from my family will stand up and will fill the world with justice.

4. Keep yourselef away from indebtedness, for it will abase you on days and will cause sorrow at nights.

5. Keep away from praising, for it is like slaughtering.

6. Keep yourselves away from passions, for passions make you deaf and blind.

7. Keep you away from the grass in a garbage-can; that is, a beautiful woman brought up in a bad household.

8. Avoid foolish persons, for they intend to benefit you, but they inflict loss on you.

9. No illness is more painful than parsimony.

10. If a husband is satisfied with his wife on her death, she will enter the Paradise.

11. If anyone undertakes to accomplish something for a Muslim and then does not perform it with the same zeal and dedication as he would do for himself, he would be deprived even of a whiff of Paradise.

12. Whoever unjustly takes possession of even one span of land, God will make him dig that land down to the seventh layer and hang it from his neck till the accounts of all the people are settled.

13. Any young man who marries in the early years of his youth makes Satan raise hue and cry because the youth safeguards his religion from his incursions by performing it.

14. God will reward any child groomed to search for knowledge and prayers as much as the good deeds of 72 pious believers.

15. People worthy of heed are of two kinds: The learned and the scholars thirsty for knowledge. Beside them there is nothing else.

16. Lo people! Whatever is given to you on my behalf if it conforms to the Quran is mine, otherwise it is not so.

17. Slumber of a learned person is better than the prayers of a worshipper.


18. Begin your day by giving alms because misfortunes cannot penetrate generosity.

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