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Night lamp Holder

night lamp holder

Materials needed

1. Star template

night lamp holder

2. Thin card

3. PVA glue

4. A pair of scissors

5. Nightlamp with aluminium holder

6. Papier mache pulp (proprietary brand)

7. Readymade decorator's filler

8. Small kitchen knife

9. White recycled paper

10. Fungicide-free wallpaper paste

11. Acrylic gesso/primer

12. paintbrushes

13. Pale blue acrylic paint

14. Silver gilt cream

15. soft rags

16. A pencil

How to make

night lamp holder

1. Print out the template.

2. Cut out the outline of the star shape provided in the template.

3. Place the star cutout on the card and trace its design by drawing around its edges with a pencil. Cut the design out.

 4. Apply a little PVA glue on the centre of the card design. Stick the nightlight holder in place on top. Let dry for sometime.

5. Go through the instructions provided in the package and mix the paper pulp accordingly. Add a small amount of readymade decorator's filler to it for added strength and to prevent shrinkage.

night lamp holder

6. Leaving the area with the holder, fill the remaining part of the star with the mixture you have prepared. Form the pulp over the points of the star up to the height of the nightlamp holder. Using the knife, smoothen the fill shaping each point into two sides. Let dry in room temperature for about 8 hours.

7. Cut the recycled paper into small squares. Dip each square piece quickly into the wallpaper paste to stain them lightly. Smooth these onto the star. Rest the star on its base and allow to dry.

night lamp holder

8. Next, apply two coats of gesso onto the whole star. Keep aside to dry for sometime.

 9. Color the star and the inside of the holder with the pale blue acrylic paint, preferably applying two coats to let it last long. Set aside to dry.

night lamp holder

10. Apply the silver gilt cream over the entire star using the other paintbrush.

11. After a 10 minute wait (this will dry the cream), rub the star furiously with a cotton cloth to smoothen the surface of the star and expose some of the blue paint underneath.

12.  Polish the star with a cloth. Your nightlight holder is ready.

13. Place a nightlamp in the centre and light it. Make similar shapes to have a bright, starry Christmas celebration

night lamp holder

Source: theholidayspot.com

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