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Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith (9)

prophet muhammad

1. There is a basis for everything. This religion (Islam) is based on learning, and a learned person is worse to the Satan than a thousand worshippers.

2. God has an angel who, at the prayer time, calls out: o’ you the Adam’s children! Stand up and put out by praying the fires you kindled against yourselves.

3. One of the great sins is that one unlawfully takes possession of another’s property.

4. One form of being wasteful is to eat whatever one wishes.

5. One of the requisites of intuitive faith is that one does not make God angry to the satisfaction of people, that one does not thank anybody for the blessing bestowed on one by God, and that one does not serve anybody for what God has not given, for sustenance will not be augmented by person’s greed, nor will it be lessened by people’s hatred.

6. Indeed, this religion is well established and has solid foundations. Proceed, therefore, moderately.

7. Wealth has destroyed your predecessors and will destroy you as well.

8. Hearts rust like watered iron. Asked what a polish heart would be ; the Holy Prophet said :’ frequent remembrance of death and recital of Quran . ‘

9. The reason why your predecessors perished was that they released reputable thieves and punished weak ones.

10. I do not worry about what you do not know; however, I do worry about how you apply what you do know.

11. Man gets old; however, he is rejuvenated in two aspects: greed for wealth and greed for longer lifetime.

12 - When the verse of Purification ( 33rd verse from the Clans’ chapter ) was sent down to the Holy Prophet at Ummah Salami’s house, the Holy Prophet called Fatima , Hassan and Hussein , peace be upon them , and put a cloak on them; Ali, peace be upon him, was behind the Holy Prophet . So, he was clothed too .Then, the Holy Prophet said: ‘O ‘Allah, these are from my household, remove any evil from them and purify them. Ummah Salami was close to the scene asked: ‘O ‘the God’s messenger! Am I a member of your household? ‘‘You hold your special position in goodness and health.’ replied the Holy Prophet.


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