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Castles and Forts, Kermanshah

yazdgerd castle

Bistoon Castle, Bistoon, Sonqor

This old castle is in the aggregate of historical monuments of Bistoon located en route from Bistoon to Sonqor, Koliaie and the Dinvar Ab river bed.

The castle is mainly made of stone and gypsum, but abundant broken brick and earthenware pieces have been seen in the surroundings. The length of the structure is 94.5 m and is related to the Sassanid period. This castle needs an overall renovation.

Marvan Castle, Sahneh

The same is located in the Kandouleh Village, which is a suburb of the Dinvar distinct of the Sahneh Township. It is situated on a hill called "Lamehqaleh" in northeastern Kandouleh. Relics of the structure show that it has been constructed of stone, gypsum and mortar. It is said that Marvan, the Omavi caliph took refuge in this castle.

Bezeh Rood Castle, Sahneh

The Bezeh Roo castle is located at a distance of 50 km. to the north west of Sahneh amongst apple orchards. From the main castle (building), a row of rooms built with brick, gypsum and mortar can be noted in the southern side including a rampart of clay and stone in the northern side. Brick pieces and an abundant number of glazed earthenware are in the surroundings. The major portion of this earthenware is related to the Safavid era.

Sary Aslan Castle, Kangavar

The grand building of the Sary Aslan Castle is located to the north of the city of Kangavar. The main materials used in its construction are, brick, clay and gypsum. The primary structure of the castle had an external large court yard and a building in the western side, an internal building in northern side, a bath in southern side, and a stable in the internal courtyard. The northern side building is single storied.

In the external courtyard of castle there is a rectangular pool that with sculptured stone, have been brought up like a wall construction, higher than the courtyard. In the external courtyard of the castle, there are many bulky trees named as plane tree, mulberry and false acacia.

Other Castles and Forts

The other castles of the province are as follows:

Hajir Castle18 km. north west of Sahneh, Yazdgerdi Castle 12 km. north west of Rijab -Yan Zardeh district of Kerend, Zardeh castle in north western Rijab, Shahin Castle in 18 km. of Qasr Shirin - Kermanshah Road, the small Keh Castle in Kerend - Kermanshah Road, Maryam Castle on Sar Pol-e-Zahab Route, Manijeh Castle en route from Sar Pol-e-Zahab to Deyreh, Khamoosh Castle on the Kermanshah - Rijab - Kerend Road, Harsin Castle, and Jiyan castle in Islam Abad Qarb and Gabri Castle in Sar Pol-e-Zahab that are totally related to the Sassanid period.


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