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Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith (8)

prophet muhammad

1. God hates the one who is stingy during his lifetime and becomes generous at the point of death.

2. God would like to see that His servants complete their tasks.

3. God prefers tolerance in connection with everything.

4. God favors easygoing, lenient persons.

5. God wants you to treat your children justly even in such trivial things as embracing them.

6. God likes His pious, unknown servants who are free from any want.

7. God interrogates His servants about how they have spent their knowledge, just as He asks them how they have spent their wealth.

8. On the Day of Resurrection, God pardons the illiterate for offences which are unpardonable on the part of the literate.

9. The Almighty says : ‘ I am an onlooker of my servant’s thought ; if he thinks well of me ,he will be rewarded, and if he thinks ill of me, he will be punished . ‘

10. Alms-giving causes God to avert seventy kinds of tragic death.

11. God wants His servants to do all the things He pronounced lawful, as he likes to connive at their disobedience.

12. Angels spread their wings for the seeker after knowledge, for they are content with what he is after.

13. On burial, the dead will hear the sound of the shoes of those returning.

14. When people fail to prevent a tyrant from oppressing, it is to be feared that God punish all.

15. One of the best criteria of faith is that you love somebody for the sake of God and hate somebody else for the same reason.

16. Believers’ suffering must affect other believers, just as the body is affected by headache.

17. On the Day of Resurrection, the worst people to God are those feared by people.

18. On the Day of Resurrection, the worst people to God are those avoided by them for scurrilousness.

19. In addition to charity tax on property, there is another tax thereon.

20. If you relinquish something for fear of God, He will give you something better.


21. Response to letters is as necessary as response to greeting.

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