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Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith (7)


1. The doors of Paradise are beneath the shades of swords.

2. The most favorite servant to God is the one who is most sympathetic and kindest to His servants.

3. On the Day of Resurrection, the most remorseful person is the one who has sold his next world to this world.

4. The believer could have any characteristics but betraying and telling lies.

5. The fairest trade is performed by those who never tell lies, do not commit the breach of trust and keep their promises, promptly repay their debts, do not harshly treat their debtors, do not exaggerate about the quality of their products, and do not criticize other people’s commodities.

6.Some inhabitants of Paradise turned to a group of inhabitants of Hell and asked why they went to Hell ‘Swear by God ‘,said the inhabitants of Paradise, ‘ We were assisted by what we learned from you to enter the Paradise . And the people of Hell say:’ we paid lip-service to what we preached. ‘

7. After the cardinal sins forbidden by God the greatest sin is that an indebted man when passing a way has not provided for the payment of his debt.

8. Goodness towards relatives shall be rewarded sooner than any other goodness.

9. To God, the greatest sin is committed by a man who holds his dependent in suspense.

10. Most inhabitants of the Paradise are simple and honest people.

11. People go to the Hell mostly for two hollow things: private part and mouth.

12. If God becomes angry with a people, He does not make the earth swallow them, nor does He metamorphose them. Their prices will go up, they will have infrequent rainfalls, and they will be ruled over by their wicked persons.

13. God painted the Paradise white which is His most favorite color.

14. God does not like men who marry repeatedly and women who do the same

15. For the sake of a righteous Muslim, God averts misfortunes from one hundred houses of his neighbors.

16. God admires a young man whose conduct is not similar to that of the youth

17. God hates dirty and disheveled persons.


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