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Palaces and Edifices, Kermanshah

khosrow parviz palace

Housh Koori Palace, Qasr Shirin

The ruin of this Sassanid palace is located to the north of Qasr Shirin, reputedly known as Housh Koori by the inhabitants. This palace was one of the great palaces in its lines and now lies in a state of ruin.

Sassanid Palace (Khosravi Edifice), Qasr Shirin

The ruins of a few Sassanid palaces and other relics which indicate the expansion of such Sassanid structures are remains in Qasr Shirin. The aggregate of relics of such edifices, are currently reputedly known as the Khosravi edifice. Its construction goes back to Khosrow Parviz Sassanid era. This majestic palace has been built on a high platform and comprises of a three dimensional porch, with a large rectangular hall behind it. The palace aggregate is 370 m. in length and 190 m. in width and is located in an enclosed area which is currently in a state of ruins but expresses the grandeur of its past.

Shahpour Palace, Harsin

Near the city of Harsin there are the ruins of a Sassanid palace. This palace belongs to the era of Shapour Sassanid I.

Inside the palace there is a fire-temple and an altar for sacrifice. The signs and elements of this structure show that Shapour Sassanid wished to leave this palace as a relic of his times.

This palace which was once a majestic site and a recreational area for the king is currently in a form of a ruined hillock.


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