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Cameroonian Proverbs


1. A bird that allows itself to be caught will find a way of escaping.

2. A chattering bird builds no nest.

3. A cherry year, a merry year; a plum year, a dumb year.

4. A friend is worth more than a brother.

5. A man's wealth may be superior to him.

6. A building of sand falls as you build it.

7. Better a mistake at the beginning than at the end.

8. By trying often, the monkey learns to jump from the tree.

9. Better little than too little.

10. Beauty is an empty calabash.

11. Every smart man is an ignoramus who abuses his ignorance.

12. He who asks questions cannot avoid the answers.

13. However little you think of the elephant, you can't say it won't fill a pot.

14. However swift a man, he will not outstrip his shadow.

15. If love is a sickness, patience is the remedy.

16. If the fight is tomorrow, why then clench your fist today?

17. If the panther knew how much he is feared, he would do much more harm.

18. If you do not step on the dog's tail, he will not bite you.

19. It is better to be the victim of injustice than to be unjust yourself.

20. It is the pot that boils but the dish that gets the credit.

21. Knowledge is better than riches.


22. Lying will get you a wife, but it won't keep her.

23. Rain does not fall on one roof alone.

24.  The cricket cries, the year changes.

25. The darkness of night cannot stop the light of morning.

26. The day did not know that night had fallen.

27. The fire cannot be put out with your hands.

28. The flood takes him in, and the ebb takes him out.

29. The heart of the wise man lies quiet like limpid water.

30. There is no doctor on the day you die.

31. The elephant will reach to the roof of the house.

32. Thought breaks the heart.

33. Thought is free.

34. What you don't know, you will not recognize.

35. When the poor man sets a trap only his dog gets caught.

36. When the vine entwines your roof, it is time to cut it down.

37. Water always finds a way out.

38. You come with a cat and call it a rabbit. 


Taken from: worldofquotes.com & proverbatim.com

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