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Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith (6)

prophet muhammad

1. Do you want me to tell you about something better than fasting, praying, and alms-giving? That is making peace among people, since conflicts among people will lead to their death.

2. Do you want me to tell you about the person to whom the fire (of the Hell) is forbidden? That is the one who is tactful, moderate, and easygoing.

3. Do you want me to tell you about the women who are the people of paradise? They are faithful women who give birth to many children, who quickly reconcile, and who say, when having misbehaved, that they are at their husband’s disposal and that they will not sleep until their husbands are satisfied with them.

4. Do you want me to tell you who the strongest is? The one who restrains his anger.

5. Be aware that the people of paradise resemble those who climb a high hill through a difficult path, and that the people of (the) Hell are like those who, through a smooth path, go downhill.

6. How many times has an hour of passion led to a long period of sufferings?

7.Often a great number of people wake up at night to pray; however, the only benefit accrued to them is keeping awake. And there are so many people who fast; however, the only result they obtain from their fasting is thirst and hunger.

8. Whoever knows something to be true should not refuse to speak it up out of fearing people.

9. Seek after sustenance through matrimony.

10. Oh Allah! Make me grateful and patient, and let me hold myself in contempt and be honored by people.

11. Have fun and play, for I do not like to see any roughness in your religion.

12. And next, O, you people! I am a human being who is to meet God‘s messenger and to accept His call. I would offer you two important things: one is the Book of God containing light and guidance and the other is my family; whoever holds fast the Book of God will be guided and whoever abandons it, will go astray. Get the book of God and hold it fast! And you will be reminded of the people of my household by God.

prophet muhammad

13. the most hated servant by God is a disobedient person who has experienced no affliction, neither in wealth nor in children.

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