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History of Mubahila (Part2)

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Proposal of Mubahila

After exchange of views on several issues, the delegation did not seem to be willing to accept the observations about the incorrect beliefs of Christianity and the logical explanations proving the incorrectness of their beliefs. At that time Allah send down the famous Ayat-e-Mubahila of the Quran:

Glorious Quran Chapter 3 Verse 61:

And unto him who disputeth with thee therein after the knowledge hath come unto thee, Say! (O\" Our Apostle Muhammad!) (Unto them) come ye, let us summon our sons, and (ye summon) your sons, and (we summon) our women and (ye) your women, and (we summon) ourselves and then let us invoke the curse of God on the liars!

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) recited this Ayat and invited them for Mubahila - praying to God to destroy and banish the liars.

Mubahila became necessary since the Christian delegation was adamant to accept the truth. After some hesitations the delegations asked to be given one day to reconsider their options and then accepted to have the Mubahila after two days. In their consultations among themselves, the grand Bishop Abu Harisa told his companions that if tomorrow, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) brings his companions and his tribesmen and military might with him for Mubahila then they should accept the challenge without fear but if he brings only the members of his family, then never accept the challenge.

Whom did the Prophet (pbuh ) take with him?

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) selected a place close to Medina for the Mubahila which was then cleaned and prepared by Salman Farsi and the next day the Christian delegation reached the designated place. A number of muhajirren and ansaar also gathered at the site. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) took with him Imam Hassan (a.s), Imam Hussein (a.s), Bibi Fatimah (s.a) and Imam Ali (a.s) and headed towards the site in a manner that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was leading the group holding Imam Hassan (a.s) and Imam Hussein (a.s) and Bibi Fatima (s.a.) was behind him and Imam Ali (a.s) was behind Bibi Fatima (s.a).

Saad bin Abi Waqas relates that when the Ayat-e-Mubahila was sent down, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) called Imam Ali (a.s), Bibi Fatimah (s.a), Imam Hassan (a.s) and Imam Hussein (a.s) and said \’O my Allah, these are my Ahl-ul-Bayt\’. (Sahih Muslim, Vol.2, Page 287).

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) sat down under a tree with these weighty personalities and said that when I pray to God, you all should say \'Ameen\'.

the holy prophet muhammad

When the Christian delegation saw a woman, two children and only one man with the Prophet (pbuh), they got scared and worried and Abu Harisa said \’O my Christian friends, I am seeing such bright faces that if they pray that God move this mountain from its place then the mountain will be moved. I warn you do not have Mubahila with them or you all will be destroyed and banished.\’

The Christian delegation was still amazed and frightened when the brother of Abu Harisa, Karz ibn-e-Alqama stated that \’O my fellows, it appears that Muhammad (pbuh) is the same last apostle and prophet that has been mentioned in our sacred books. We should not have Mubahila with them because anyone who had Mubahila with the prophets in the past as well were destroyed. Look around you and observe that the signs of your destruction are appearing.\’ When they looked around, they observed that the entire atmosphere had changed and it appeared that a furious storm is in offing.

Result of the Mubahila

Witnessing this, they backed off from the contest and requested that their friendship be accepted. Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) accepted their request and asked Imam Ali(a.s) to write the agreement according to which they Najran tribes accepted to pay \'Jazia\' and live under the protection of the Muslims.

the holy quran

This victory is a unique one in the history of this world.


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