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Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith (5)

prophet muhammad

1. Assist your children in becoming better persons, for whoever wishes can eradicate disobedience in his offspring.

2. You must avail yourselves of five things before facing five others: life before death; health before illness, leisure before occupation, young days before old days, and wealth before poverty.

3. The best thing to do is making one’s brother in the faith happy or paying for his debt.

4. The best act, after belief in God, is to win people’s friendship.

5. Lawful trade is the best thing to do.

6. Friendship and enemity in the way of God is the best thing to do.

7. Indeed the best Jihad (Holy struggle) is a true statement made at the presence of a tyrannical king.

8. The best Jihad is that in which one starts his day without thinking of doing unjust act to anybody.

9. The best money is that which is spent on one’s dependents.

10.The best alms are those given when one is healthy and poor hoping to become rich and fearing poverty , not those given at one’s last rites by saying this belongs to that and that belongs to this , for they already belong to them.

11. Indeed, the best alms are those given to a relative who is your enemy.

12. The best worship is expectation of deliverance.

13. On the Day of Resurrection, scholars’ ink is weighed against the martyr’s blood resulting in the former’s preference.

14. Minimize your asking for loans to enjoy more liberty.

15. Avoid committing sins to easily face death.

16. Minimize your meeting the rich; as a result, your will not despise God’s blessings.

17. Inflict the punishments of God on both relatives and strangers and do not listen to man when performing divine duties.

18. Most of the sins committed by Adam’s offspring emanate from his tongue.

19. On the Day of Resurrection, the most sinful people are those speaking about things not concerning them.

20. The most Knowledgeable persons are the most valuable ones.

21. Pray much, for praying repels accidents.

prophet muhammad

22. Do you want me to inform you of a man’s treasure? A pious wife whose sight makes her husband happy, who obeys whenever her husband commands, and who is faithful to him during his absence.

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