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Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith (4)

prophet muhammad

1. Try to keep a low profile, for gifted persons are envied.

2. Free yourselves from want and do not ask people for even one toothpick.

3. There are three acts which are the firmest: remembrance of God under any circumstances, fairness against oneself, and sharing wealth with brothers in the faith.

4. A prayer granted the earliest is the one offered by a third person for another third person.

5. The bravest person is the one in control of his sensual desires.

6. On the Day of Resurrection, scholars who do not benefit from their know- ledge will be punished the hardest.

7. On the Day of Resurrection, two persons are the most regretful: the one who had an opportunity to learn and failed to do so, and the other one who taught somebody a discipline that benefited the student, whereas teacher has not benefited from his knowledge.

8. From among the unlucky, the one who combines the poverty of this world with the punishment of the next world is the most unfortunate.

9. That who thanks people most is the one who is most grateful to God.

10. Meet your needs with self-respect, for affairs have been predestined, and do not yield to abasement by persisting and requesting.

11. Seek after knowledge from birth to death.

12.  Making a false oath inflicts damage on the commodity and destroys business.

13. Spare the beggar something, though he comes to you on horse bask and pay the hired servant his wage before he stops perspiring.

14. The busiest of all people is the believer, for he should attend to the affairs of both this and next world.

15. A woman is indebted to her husband more than to anybody else, and a man is indebted to his mother more than to anybody else.

16. The highest-ranking person of all is the one who does not interfere in what not concerning him and in what bringing him no benefit.

prophet muhammad

17. The most knowledgeable person is the one who adds others’ knowledge to his.

18. My Ummah will live an average life of sixty to seventy years.

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