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Townships, Kermanshah (Part3)

paveh (oramanat)

Paveh (Oramanat)

Paveh is located in the Oramanat Mountainous region and to the extreme northwest of the province. From the west it is limited to Iraq. Paveh has cold winters and temperate summers. The small mountainous city of Paveh is to the northwest of Kermanshah and located at a distance of 636 km. from Tehran. The name of Paveh is attributed to Paveh, one of the commanders of Yazdgerd III, who in order to seek the Kurd support settled in this region and was extremely respected by the people of this territory.

The Dej and Pasgah forts which have remained since then are the relics of that era. The word Oramanat is derived from the word Uortan or Uorman and related to sacred Zoroastrian anthems.


Qasr-e-Shirin lies at a distance of 692 km. from Tehran, and is located to the northwest of Kermanshah. The climate of this city is warm and from this point of view it is distinctive from the other townships of the province. Qasr-e-Shirin is one of the ancient cities of Iran related to the Khosrow Parviz era. It was thriving during the Achaemenian period. Around the present city the ruins of the ancient Qasr-e-Shirin, has been remained together with a collection of demolished stone and walls. It is said that during the rule of Khosrow Parviz there was a large garden with beautiful palaces. Out of which the most famous were Khosrow and Shirin Palaces.

Qasr-e-Shirin till 1270 A.H. was a small town. But in the World War I became the border town for the German and Ottoman soldiers from one hand and for English and Russian soldiers on the other hand. During the Iran-Iraq war Qasr-e-Shirin was demolished, but after the conclusion of the war it was renovated. Now this city has expanded and has changed to attractive and large area.


Sahneh is located to the east of Kermanshah and has a mountainous and temperate climate. The region of Sahneh was a part of the province but in recent years has been changed to an independent township. The borders of this region are among the old and historical zones of this province and hold vestiges and monuments of the past periods. Sahneh is located en route of Kermanshah - Tehran Road and is at a distance of 586 km. from Tehran.

Sar Pol-e-Zahab

The township of Sar Pol-e-Zahab is located in the west of the province and is limited to Iraq from its western borders. Its climate is warm but in some parts temperate. This city is located at the distance of 665 km. from Tehran. Sar Pol-e-Zahab is near the ruins of the ancient city of Halvan and a ruined castle can be also seen near the same.

Sar Pol-e-Zahab was considered as a castle and frontier base of Iran, which was destroyed in the Arab invasion to Iran, and only some remnants of its brick laid pillars have remained. In historical books it has been mentioned as the center of Halvan state. The name of ‘Sar Pol’ has been taken from a bridge on Alvandoo River and the suffix of ‘Zahab’ was due to the abundance of springs and wetlands. This city with its natural attractions sustained losses in the imposed war but after the conclusion of the war it was renovated.


The township of Sonqor is located in the northeast of Kermanshah and has a mountainous and temperate climate. The same is at a distance of 612 km. from Tehran. The word Sonqor means a hunting bird. In the Saljuqi period the commanders of Sonqor were known as Aqa Sonqor. During the reign of Shah Esmail Safavieh II, Sonqor was under the rule of ‘Soulaq Hossain Taklou’. During the reign of Shah Tahmasb I, a rule of Sonqor and Kalhor was established in this territory and was given to the Zangeneh tribal chiefs. In the Afshariyeh and Zandieh reigns the rule of Sonqor was given to the chiefs of the Kalyaie tribes and then after ‘Khosow Khan Ardalan’, governor of Kurdestan was appointed as ruler of this city.

During the rule of Fathali Shah Qajar, his son Fathollah Mirza was appointed as a governor of Sonqor. This area was then merged with Kangavar, Malayer and Towiserkan and brought under the rule of Sheikhali Mirza, the son of Fathali Shah.


At present Sonqor and Koliaee are attractive and beautiful regions of Kermanshah which are placed in a level and beautiful plain alongside a river, with beautiful gardens and groves surrounding it, thereby increasing its values regarding tourism.


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