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What is the prize??? Chocolate


What is the prize??? Chocolate


Hello My friend!!

Do you like chocolate? Oh I myself love chocolate! You know what? This morning my mum bought a box of chocolate and I requested her to give me some.

But she replies: “these are your prizes for doing good jobs.”

I asked what job?

She Answered “looking after the Farming Field”.

You Know what?

We have a farm in that we plant goods for our own usage. Close to that farm Ms. Chicken lives with her family. The chicks play with the butterflies and sometimes they make a trip to our farm too. As our farm is too large; they do not know that when they come they ruin our plantations.

No matter how many times my mother told this fact to Ms. Chicken she did not understand. Now my mother asked me to throw them out but I should not let Ms. Chicken to see me throwing her chicks out. The better I do my work, the more gifts I will get.

For this reason I request you to help me.

Alright, we go half, half.


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