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Natural Attractions: Rivers & Summits of Qom


Qamar Rood River

The said river takes its source in the Zard Kooh of Bakhtiyari, and after following a long course, flows into the Salt Lake. This river was primarily known as 'Darband'. In the vicinity of 'Akhteh Khoon', to the south west of Golpayegan, a dam has been constructed on it.

The Qamar Rood River flows within the limits of the townships of Faridan, Golpayegan, Khomein, Mahalat, Delijan and Qom, irrigating the lands therein.

Qarah Chay River

This river takes its source in the wetlands of Haft Emarat, Bollaq Jak, Abbas Abad and Panjeh Ali in the borders of Arak, before flowing into the township of Arak. After irrigating lands here, and following an east-west direction, it enters the township of Tafresh. After gaining water from other rivers and after crossing southern Saveh, in the vicinity of Pol-e-Dalak, adjoins the Qamar Rood and at a distance of 76 km. to the east of Qom, flows into the Qom Lake.

Altitudes and Summits 

The elevations of Qom are a continuation of the Central Mountain Ranges of Iran. A section of which begins from the Alvand and prolongs approximately to and runs parallel to the Zagross Mountains, terminating in Baluchestan. The heights of Qom Province include a part of the mountainous region of Ardhal. The said area is located in the townships of Qom, south of Qom, Kashan and Mahalat. The important summits of Qom Province, which reach an elevation of over 2,500 m. and are part of the mountainous terrain of Ardhal are:

Khasnak Mountain

This mountain with a height of about 2,777 m. is located 54 km. southwest of Qom and to the south of the Sanjgan village. The Zavarian and Salman rivers gain their sources in this elevation.

The Qom - Arak railroad passes through the eastern and southern skirts of this region.

Larha Mountain

The said mountain reaches a height of 3,109 m. and is located at a distance of 51 km. south of Qom. The Vasnoveh River gains a major portion of its water in this vicinity. The Lar Mountains joins the Gorge Mountains in southwest.

Palangabi (Palang Abi) Mountain

The same with a height of about 3,154 m. is situated at a distance of 48 km, southwest of Qom. Various rivers such as the Ravanj, Dareh Baq and Azna take their sources here. The Palangan Mountains join the Qaleaq summits from the east.

Sultan Sa'd Shah Mountain

The said mountain with an altitude of 2,930 m. is located at a distance of 46 km. south of Qom, and to the south of the Khaveh Village. The Vasnoveh and Fardo rivers take their sources in these mountains.


Source: chnpress.com

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