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Townships, Kermanshah (Part1)

gilan qarb

Gilan Qarb

Gilan Qarb is located to the west of the province near Ilam and enjoys a temperate climate. Gilan Qarb is located 660 km, from Tehran. The level plain of Gilan Qarb is situated on the west of the Kalhor Mountain lands. Its lands are irrigated by Gilan Qarb River as well as several other local rivers. The ruins of the ancient Gilan Village are situated on southern end on the Kermanshah - Baqdad route. Upon the nearby hill, there is a square castle with trenches in the corners. In Gilan Hill, a number of large bricks of the Babylonian style have been discovered. 


Harsin is one of the southeastern townships of Kermanshah and enjoys a temperate climate. Harsin is one of the ancient areas of Kermanshah. In this area there are relics belonging to the Sassanid period, also an engraved tablet in the mountain, stony pond, stony arched ceilings, stony stairway, castle and other works have remained.

The historical record of Harsin is linked with that of Kermanshah. A reputed historian has mentioned the name of Harsin in his records during the rule of Shah Sultan Khodabandehloo during the war between the Ottoman and Iranian soldiers. In the Qajar period, the leadership of this area was given to Aminoroaya and his offspring. This area in recent years has changed into an independent township. Harsin is one of the southeastern cities of Kermanshah Province and is at a distance of 23 km. to the Kermanshah - Tehran Road and at a distance of 566 km. from Tehran. 

Islam Abad Qarb

Islam Abad Qarb is one of the townships of the Kermanshah Province and has a temperate climate. This township is at a distance of 589 km,from Tehran. Primarily, the name of Islam Abad, was ‘Mendeli’ and after the Arab invasion, one of the Arab commanders put an extreme effort for its flourishment and its development. Thus it became to be known as ‘Haroun Abad’.

In 1930 its name was changed to Shah Abad Qarb and after the Islamic Revolution in 1978, its name was changed to Islam Abad Qarb. In the Safavid period especially during the time of Shah Abbas this city flourished. Some parts of its townships like Mahidasht have a long historical antecedent.

Mahidasht because of its good climate and pastures was the place for breeding horses and training of Parthian warriors. In the Safavid era, Shah Abbas Safavid constructed a caravansary there; and today Islam Abad Qarb is considered to be one of the flourishing townships of the province.


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