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Kurdistan Cities (Part1)



The township of Baneh is in the extreme western part of this province and is the neighborhood of Iraq. This township is bounded on north and west by west Azerbaijan in the east by Saqqez and in the south by Iraq. Its center being the city of Baneh located 728 km, from Tehran.

Baneh is covered with forests and is full of various trees. In the pre-Islamic period, a Zoroastrian tribe named 'Qeh Qoo' governed this area, but after the Arab invasion, 'Ekhtiar Diniha' took over the rule. Till the mid 13th century the actual name of the city of Baneh was Behrojeh.

But now the cemetery in the north east of the city is called 'Kohneh Baneh' A change in the city's location is due to a massacre resulting from cholera, plaque, fire and tribal combats. The city of Baneh is located in the altitudes and its route is on a gradient


The township of Bijar is located in the north east of the province and it is restricted from the north to the provinces of Zanjan and west Azarbayjan; from the east to the provinces of Zanjan and Hamadan; from the south to the township of Qorveh and from the west to the township of Sanandaj. Its center is Bijar, which is at a distance of 518 km, from Tehran. Bijar is one of the fertile areas of Kurdistan. Its climate in winter is cold and dry and is moderate in summer. In the Kurdish language the willow tree is called 'Bi' and the area of such trees is called 'Bijar.' Thus because of abundance of willow trees, it means the region of willows.


The same is one of the new townships of this province as before it was part of Sanandaj Township. This township is located to the north of Sanandaj and is a mountainous region. It is bounded in the north by west Azarbayjan in the east by Bijar and in the west by Saqez. The city of Divandareh is located at a distance of 95 km. north of Sanandaj. Divandareh has developed from a village to a city in the last decade.


The said is one of the latest founded townships of the province, prior to which it was part of the township of Sanandaj. This township is located in the north of Sanandaj and is in a mountainous region. This township is bounded in the north by Sanandaj, in the east by Qorveh and Kermanshah province in the south by Kermanshah and in the northwest by the township of Marivan. It is located 65 km. from Sanandaj.


This township has a pleasant climate in spring and autumn. The general cultural distinctions in this region are similar to other sectors of the province.


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