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Portuguese, Spanish proverbs (Part1)


1. A fair-weather friend changes with the wind.

2. A long tongue betokens a short hand.

3. A sharp tooth for hard bread.

4. Between the hand and the mouth the soup is lost.

5. Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.

6. Grasp no more than thy hand will hold.

7. Grass doesn"t grow on a busy street.

8. Ill weeds are not hurt by frost.

9. In the long run, the greyhound kills the hare.

10. Let not the tongue utter what the head must pay for.

11. My gossips don"t like me because I tell them truths.

12. She is well married who has neither mother-in-law nor sister-in-law.

13. Tell your friend your secret, and he will set his foot on your neck.

14. The archer that shoots badly has a lie ready.

15. The dead and the absent have no friends.

Source: worldofquotes.com

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