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Mausoleums and Imamzadehs, Qom (Part2)

imamzadeh shah hamzeh

Imamzadeh Moosa Mobarqeh

Imamzadeh Moosa Mobarqeh is the offspring of Hazrat Imam Muhammad Taqi (A.S.), who lived in Qom in the year 256 A.H. His sisters also migrated to the city and were deceased here. They were laid to rest alongside the sacred tomb of Hazrat Ma'soomeh (A.S.). Moosa Mobarqeh passed away in the year 296 A.H. and was buried in this site. In respect to the artistic remnants of this mausoleum, are the corridors of the mausoleum related to the 9th century A.H.

Imamzadeh Shah Ebrahim

This structure is situated in the pastures of Shah Ebrahim, 24 km. from Qom, and the present structure is related to the Safavid age. The dome rises to a height of 7 m. and is adorned with turquoise colored tiles. The entrance of the mausoleum is to the west and has a porch to its opposite. Internally the structure is a quadrangle, with additional half arches in the four corners, thereby changing its shape to a sphere. The ancient relic of this Imamzadeh consist of its carved wooden door dating to 1015 A.H., a piece of carved wood belong to 1015 A.H., which is affixed on the southern porch near the entrance, and four engravings which are affixed to the southern portion of the western porch.

Imamzadeh Shah Hamzeh

Shahzadeh Hamzeh is the offspring of Moosa Ebne Ja'far and the sibling of Imam Reza. This Imamzadeh is located in the Old Square of Qom and is highly honored by the inhabitants. This structure has a very interesting plan.

Its entrance doors of the courtyard open at such an angle so as to face the eastern and western sides. The courtyard is rectangular in shape surrounding it are arched roofs and adorned in the roman style. One of the spectacular adornments of this mausoleum is the entrance porch to the shrine, which reveals a row of inscriptions worked on a background of azure, and dates back to 1301 A.H. (The year that this structure was erected).

The checked white tiles on the walls of the porch are that of the Qajar era. Its ceiling has spiral effects together with conical shapes, and its dome has a spherical form at its apex. Internally and below the dome is constructed in a vaulted style with gypsum. Near this Imamzadeh is another Imamzadeh by the name of Imamzadeh Shah Ahmad, who is believed to be the sibling of Shahzadeh Hamzeh.

Imamzadeh Shahzadeh Abu Ahmad

The said structure is on the outskirts of the gateway of Ray, and to the north east of Qom. The same accounts as a very ancient vestige of the city of Qom, and is the tomb of one of the descendants of Hazrat Ali (A.S.). This structure underwent repairs and was adorned in the year 932 A.H. The mausoleum displays plasterwork while tomb displays tile work. There is also an inscription of sun baked bricks in the Tholth script and of the same date. The inscription on the tomb has been uniquely adorned in oriental style, and with sacred verses in the Tholth script. The dome of the mausoleum is a simple 6-paneled pyramid shaped one and is of brick.

Imamzadeh Shahzadeh Ahmad Qasem

The above mentioned is near the Qal'eh Gateway of the city to the south east of Qom. This is a relic of the Ali Safi household, and on the whole is an example of the unique and spectacular plasterwork which was at its peak during the said period. The same was constructed in the year 780 A.H. The facade of the structure was octagonal, but in the upper portion turns to a 16 sided structure.

inside on of the imamzadehs in qom

The dome is arched and made of brick, but in later years a cupola was added to this. On a tablet of the tomb, which is now kept in the Berlin Museum, and is known as 'The Altar of the Qom Mosque', and dates back to 663 A.H. in the month of Safar (a month of the Muslim calendar) can be observed.

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