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Organize, Focus, Get It Done (Part4)

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Help From Grown-Ups

When you're trying to learn these skills, you're going to need some help from parents and other grown-ups, like teachers. But the trick is to understand that it's not good for them to do the work for you. Someday, you'll be older — and in high school or college — and you'll need to do stuff without their help.

Here are two lists. One gives examples of stuff it's OK to have grown-ups help you with. The other is a list of stuff grown-ups should not be doing for you.

Adults and teachers should:

• help teach you new stuff

• answer your questions about what you've learned or what the assignment is

• provide a quiet environment where you can focus

• provide the supplies you need to get the job done

• check your work and help you fix mistakes

• give you tips on getting organized and staying focused

• help you figure out where to keep things in your room

• give you some kid-sized jobs to do around the house

• let you help them with things in the classroom and at home

Adults and teachers should not:

• tell you what the answers are to homework questions

• do key parts of an assignment for you such as research or writing

• correct mistakes for you

• organize your work, backpack, or locker

• have to remind you a million times to do the things you're supposed to do

• Clean your room for you (sorry!)

As you grow, you will be responsible for more and more of the work yourself. If you pay attention to how your parents and teachers talk you through a homework assignment, you'll be able to do it for yourself when the time comes — and that time is soon. Good grades aren't the only payoff. The more tasks you can do well on your own, the better you'll feel about yourself this goes for stuff you're learning how to do for yourself at home, too.

Sometimes, students take too long to get started, put off the homework, or have trouble focusing because they don't understand what they're supposed to be doing or don't think they can do it well. You need help from teachers and parents for this. It's normal to be worried about what will happen if you fail, but try to trust yourself and give it your best.

If you're struggling, don't be afraid to keep asking for help. Tell parents or teachers what the problem is. Some kids have problems with attention, which can make it tougher to organize, focus, and get it done. But they, too, can and should use this 1-2-3 method to get better at completing tasks.

Help from grown-ups can be a little boost that helps you get ready to do it on your own. Who knows? You might even be able to help your parents. Many grown-ups struggle with doing complicated tasks like how to plan a whole week's worth of dinners. If your mom or dad is faced with one of these tough tasks, you know what advice to give:

1) Get organized.

2) Stay focused.

3) Get it done!

students at school


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