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Old Mosques, Qom

qom jame mosque

Fatimah (Khanom) Mosque

The same is also one of the renounced mosques of Qom, and was established with facilitation by a charitable donor, a highly respected woman whose tomb lies in a special chamber alongside the mosque.

 This mosque has a large water reservoir and various beautiful carpets. The mosque in addition has a library that is used by the pupils of Hazrat Jafar Ibne Muhammad (A.S). Besides being utilized for prayers, this mosque conducts religious instruction too.

Imam Hassan Askari Mosque

This is the oldest mosque of the province and is located in the Astaneh Avenue. At present there is no sign of any remnants of the main structure which relates to the 3rd century A.H. Its current construction is a renovation of the old one. The same is also reputedly known as the Atiq Mosque and also the Jame' Atiq Mosque and bears special architectural effects.

Qom A'zam Mosque

This mosque is situated to the western front of the Astaneh of the Hazrat Ma'soomeh (A.S). The same was constructed by the efforts of Ayatollah Borujerdi in the year 1374 A.H. Due to its loftiness this mosque was named A'zam (Grand). It has three porches and its domed nocturnal area is adorned throughout with tile work, and is placed to the south of the courtyard. To the east of the aggregate of A'zam Mosque is the Ballasar Mosque and the old courtyard of the Holy Shrine; whereas, the southwest and south faces the Sahel Avenue and interconnected to the treasury of Hazrat Ma’soomeh shrine.

Qom Jame' Mosque

The said mosque has been constructed on a rectangular plan. The main skeleton of the dome is related to the early mid 6th century and ranks second in antiquity to the old Jame' mosque of Qom.

 According to valid historical records the current dome dates back to 529 A.H. Its tall south facing porch and colored encrustation of plasterwork of the dome is related to the Safavid period. The construction of the northern porch and nocturnal areas in an east-west direction are of the Qajar era.

Other Old Mosques

These are as follows: The Imam Hassan Mojtaba (A.S) Mosque on the Tehran - Qom Road; Takiyeh Aqa Seyed Hassan in Ayatollah Taleqani Avenue; Takiyeh-ye-Yazdiha in bazaar; Maidan-e-Kohneh Mosque in the Old Square (Maidan-e-Kohneh-e- Qom); Hosseinieh-ye-Shohada in Shohada Avenue; Hosseiniyeh-ye-Najafiha in Enqelab Avenue; Hosseinieh-ye-Ayatollah Najafi in Shahid Montazari Avenue; Takiyeh Seyedan in Enqelab Avenue.

qom jame mosque

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