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Old Bazaars & Other Historical Monuments, Qom

qom bazaar

Qom Bazaar

The archaic bazaar of Qom comprises of two sectors - the old and new ones. The old segment with its valuable surrounding structures lies to the east of Taleqani Avenue, prolonging from the limits of Paminar towards the north. The new sector of bazaar is an extension of this route running northwards. The old bazaar and its surrounding buildings date to the pre-Safavid period, but the architecture, layout, general network and arcades of the new sector are mostly of the Safavid and Qajar periods. The important bazaars are as follows:

The old bazaar section is comprised of an aggregate of the entrance of Razavieh School, Siberia Mosque, Chehel Sotune Mosque and porch and the minarets of the remnants of Qiasieh School.

The new bazaar section is comprised of an aggregate of the surrounding alleys and the Haj Asqar Khan Bath. This vicinity is the commercial area of the city. The buildings in the surroundings pertaining to religious venues are active and are being utilized. Some of the sectors of the bazaar date to the Saljuqi and Eilkhani periods. Part of these alleys and schools of the aggregate are endowed.

Other Historical Monuments

500 Year Old Cypress Tree

Within 6 km. to the east of Qom, and near the tomb of Hadi Gorgabi Jamkaran is a cypress tree. The same is also famously known as the Hadi Mehdi cypress. Being 500 years old, this tree is to the girth of 3 m. and rises to an elevation of 13 m.

Hashti Building

The said building is near the mausoleum of Khak Faraj. In the midst of this structure is a well with a hillock on it. There are two theories related to this vicinity.

The first is that the Hajar-ol-Asvad (or the black stone) in Mecca, was transferred from here to the Kaba. The second theory is that this well was dug so as to gain water, but due to an earthquake the well was set ablaze (without the use of fuel).

It is due to this reason that the belief goes that one of the three largest fire-temples of the Zoroastrians was located in this vicinity.

500 year old cypress tree

Source: chnpress.com

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