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Old Religious Science Schools, Qom

feizieh religious science school


Feizieh Religious Science School

The said is one of the famous centers of theology related to the Shiite sect. This school took the place of the already established 'Astaneh School' in the mid 13th century, and was founded in the Safavid era. The school has four porches and is a double storied structure with 40 chambers on the lower floor, (Qajar period), and 40 chambers on the upper floor, built in the 14th century A.H. The ancient sector of the school is the southern porch, dating back to 939 A.H., adorned with beautiful tile work of the Safavid age. This vicinity is known as the entrance and archaic courtyard of the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Ma'soomeh (A.S).

Jahangir Khan School

The same is located in the eastern section of the city, and is a school of the Safavid era. The structure went under repair during the Qajar period; thence it came to be known by the same name. Though this school is small, it is one of the reputed schools of Qom, nurturing many learned scholars from old times. The same was renovated during the period of Fathali Shah, and lately in the year 1994, during the times of Ayatollah Borujerdi.

It is said that due to intricate architectural efforts this structure is unique and an outstanding one in Iran.

Qiasieh Religious Science School

The above mentioned school is located near the old square of the city, and due to the renovation and development of the city, is situated in Azar Avenue. The structure of this school is related to the early mid 9th century (830 A.H). The facade of this structure stands to an elevation of 12 m. flanked by two porches with false arched ceilings. Plaster work, inscriptions and holy verses can be noted. The minarets have been delicately worked with diamond shaped tiles, and intricate plasterwork adorns the porch and arches.

Razavieh School, Qom

According to historical facts, the same was the lodging of the 8th Imam of the Shiites during the presence of His Holiness to the city of Qom. The area near this vicinity is famously known as the Shah-e-Khorassan locality. On the premises of this school is a well which it is said that the 8th Imam (A.S.) bathed with its water. This structure has a tall porch, mosque and 24 chambers. Due to road construction nearly half of these evidences have been demolished, and presently only a minor portion remains.

Seateh School, Qom

feizieh religious science school

According to a historical narration, this structure was used as a place for religious practices and prayers by Hazrat Ma'soomeh (A.S.) during her presence in the city of Qom.

In this sacred vicinity a beautiful mosque and chambers for novices have been built. The same has been adorned with beautiful mirror work currently and is located in the Mir Square sector of the city of Qom.

 Source: chnpress.com

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