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The Sufferings of Imam Ali after the Prophet"s demise:

The assembly of the six men for the Caliphate (part1)

imam ali

 As you know, after Abu bakr, the one who had robbed and wore the cloak of Caliphate instead of me, consulted always with me in everything and always listened to me for the many complex matters that he had to deal with.

No one, least of them I myself do not remember a day when he did not from me. So I thought that finally I would achieve my right.

So when Omar died unexpectedly, it seemed he hadn’t enough time to choose his successor, and I thought to myself that I will gain my caliphate finally, and I can do many revisions among the Ummah of the Prophet.

But the plot changed. Before his death, Omar had chosen six persons, and I was the sixth among them, and the strange thing was that I didn’t possess an equal right just like them!

He hadn’t considered all of my backgrounds, sacrifices, hereditary right, my family relationship and at last, the fact that I was the son in law of the Prophet! He himself knew that well, and I was definitely much better and suitable in all these things than the others.

His son Abdullah was the head of this assembly, and if one of us was tired or wanted to give up to be in the assembly, he had the responsibility to kill us quickly.

They consulted for some days and they believed that each of them were more suitable for this position, and I was always silent, and if one of them had a question, I just talked about the past events and my assistance to Islam.

Ridiculously, all of them remembered all of my achievements and efforts, and I just reminded them of these things because the Prophet had taken their oath for my becoming the Caliphate, and had insisted for my position after him among them.

But the sweet taste of commanding, earthly wishes, power and the most important one: continuing the way of the commanders of the past, was on their thirsty tongues, so they took my right once again.

But I reminded them the day of Resurrection, and I wanted to do anything to stop their actions. But all of them had pretended to show their acceptance in front of me, but it meant in truth, that they wanted to choose themselves for the role of the caliphate, and they didn’t know that I will not accept that. On other hand, they knew that I would do exactly according to the recommendations of the Prophet and the book of God, and my successor will be chosen by the wish of God, and not by me.

In that chaotic time, one of these men, listened to his corrupted mind and chose Osman, because he thought that in the near future, Osman will appoint him to a high position, so he persuaded the others to choose Osman for this role…, that the one who had the least fit for that important position.

He also hadn’t been present during the war, and everybody in the Arab peninsula, believed that to have been present on that war, was a distinct honor. And God had bestowed many a blessing to the Prophet and his family that Osman had nothing to do with them... I’m sure that the men, who had chosen him for this responsibility, only after a few hours after their decision, were regretting what they had done!

Continuation in part2

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