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Old Houses and City Sectors, Qom

Astaneh Old Sector

In this quarter or sector of Qom, which is one of the historical localities, the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Ma'soomeh (A.S.) is located.

In the same vicinity there is the large and small cemetery of Arg, houses to its west, a small bazaar, the water reservoir of Seyyed Arab, the houses of Amin-ol-Soltani and other interesting remnants.

Eshq Ali Sector

The Qazi ice house is located here, besides the Lakhast School. This area comprises of streets such as Baq-e-Qazi, Sang Tarasha, Darvisha, and Lab Chal. Then there is the Golshan bath, the Bazazha and Kucheh Tarmini Caravansaries till the Chal Arabistan locality which is included in this sector.

Haj Qoli Khan House

This house is in the old network of the city of Qom, in a locality reputedly known as Chaharmardan. According to its structural characteristics and information obtained from the former tenants, this structure is related to the late Qajar period. But its south facing chambers and areas, which bear a still further archaic effect, date over 120 years. The entrance of this edifice is a short one with an arched ceiling similar to that of the roman architecture, worked in brick. The same gives way to a six-sided vestibule and corridor in the northern front, leading to the central courtyard.

The most interesting feature of this five-door building is the eastern side, which has two wind trappers that are in connection with the external areas as well as the basement. Furthermore, the northern front, with its six doors and porch with columns of stone, are vital aspects of this building. In regards to the artistic works and adornments, the building boasts of wooden doors, turreted roof, wind trappers, and carved pillars.

Imam Khomeini House

The said house in the city of Qom is a simple double storied structure, along with a basement and a south-facing courtyard. The hall to the east was the venue of speeches by the Imam when he was residing there. The building dates to the early current century, and now is considered a valuable relic. Hordes of visitors and tourists pay a visit to this vicinity.

Jame' Mosque Sector

At the tail end of this quarter is the old square in the city center, at the termination of which is the Darvazeh of Ray or Ray gateway. The old bazaar, Lacheen Bek passage, the Jame' Mosque and Naseri school are all located in this area.

molla sadra house

Molla Sadra House

The house of the great Iranian philosopher of the 11th century, Molla Sadra is situated in Kehak of Qom.

The structure is related to the Safavid period, and was renovated according to its original style of architecture in the year 1997. It has a domed ceiling, at the apex of which is colored panes to let the rays in. On the four sides of the premises are four corridors.

Seyedan Sector

Located in this vicinity is the Sultan Sharif Street, where there is the Mirza Abu Talib water reservoir. Besides there is the Hamzeh Ibn Moosa Mausoleum, Shahzadeh Hamzeh square, Old Square, the Do Minareh Qiasieh School and a section of the southern portion of the Old Square is situated in this vicinity.

Other Old Houses and City Sectors

The same are as follows: The Zand house (Haj Ali Khan), in the ancient city center, and in the Chaharmardan sector, related to the late Qajar period; The old sector of Loudid with the Haj Bala water reservoir and mosque, at the end of which is the Lab Chal alley; The Chaharmardan sector includes the Baqcheh-ye-Kollah Mal and the Imamzadeh Shah Hamzeh; The Sang Band locality with Imamzadeh Shahzadeh Ahmad Qasem and the Haj Hassan water reservoir; The Moosian locality which includes the Sang Siyah passage and the end of which is the gateway of the city; The Essaqieh locality which includes the Khakh Faraj gateway, Challeh Khoroos, and Bajak. In addition to the Baq Sepand sector which are the old localities of Qom city.

molla sadra house

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