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The Sufferings of Imam Ali after the death of the Prophet of Islam

imam ali

Tolerance for the death of Prophet (peace be upon Him)

In the beginning of my speech, be aware that I wasn’t accustomed to be close to anyone but the Prophet. He was the source of trust and tranquility, and he was the only one that I could feel myself close to him, because:

- He was my guardian and tutor, during my childhood.

- And, he always had me around himself in those days.

- He always helped my family.

- He always took away my sadness and loneliness.

- He used to provide for my daily sustenance.

And when the arrows of poverty were attacking me, it was he who provided me the expenses of my children’s. But these instances are nothing compared to his help to me! These were my earthly needs. The Prophet helped me a lot so that, step by step, I could finally achieve my knowledge of God.

So it is obvious that the death of the Prophet was a great deep tragedy to me! A massive calamity that was unbearable even for the mountains! On that time, I was very lonely and sad, but I had to persevere my calm and be tolerant, so I used to be silent and obeyed the directions of the Prophet left for me to execute them properly.

The Jewish man cried a lot and was sorry that he hadn’t had the privilege to seeing The Prophet of Islam.

2. The Saghiphah of Bani Saedah

The Prophet always had supported me during his life time and he used to introduce me as his successor; even in the last time he appeared on public, in front of a massive number of Muslims he introduced me as: Amir al Momenin, and he asked them to give me their pledge so as to obey my orders in the future. He directed them to tell that important news to those who were absent on that fateful day.

People knew this fact well, and knew that it was I, who had to explain the directions of the Prophet to the others, and I was the commander of his army, in all the wars and journeys that we had accomplished together.

So it was a far away ridiculous idea that some people wanted to start a fight with me about this idea. But when the Prophet got ill, sometime before his decease, had directed me to gather a troop and send those men with Osam ibne Zeyd to Rome.

The Prophet didn’t want any differences between the two tribes of Aus and Khazrag, and told that everybody should go to this war; but everybody looked at me with cruelty and grudge, because in the past, I had killed their fathers, brothers or other relatives in various wars.

Thus, the Prophet had dispatched some people from the immigrants, the Ansars, and those who had embraced Islam, to unite their hearts and minds together; but those who had remained near the couch of the Prophet didn’t say anything a matter, so as not to disturb the Prophet and to prevent any disagreement and revolution against the official command of the Prophet.

As a matter of fact, the Prophet was very serious about his directions about the Muslims to join Osam’s troop and obey him loyally, so there was nobody to stand against his will openly …

But when the Prophet died, some of the commanders in Osam’s troop gave up their important positions and disregarded clearly the Prophet’s directions. So Osam remained lonely and helpless among his soldiers.

All these disobediences and revolts were just for one reason: to return to Medina, and break the pledge that the Prophet had took from them for my position as the Lord of the believers.

So, they gathered in a place which was called Saghifeye Bani Sadegh and didn’t consult with any of the children of Abdul Mutable, or asked me the permission to take off their allegiance to me.

In those days, I was preparing the Prophet’s holy body to be buried, because this work was much more important than their most wicked decisions.

imam ali

But, oh my Jewish brother! After the death of the Prophet -and nobody ever since, had filled his empty place in my heart, there came a great suffering for me…-their conspiracy against me was a very painful betrayal! But I was patient and didn’t give up my endurance.

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