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The Sufferings of Hazrat Ali during the Prophet’s life time (part3)

imam ali

6-Ghazv?eyé Kheybar (The Battle of Kheybar)

I remember the day I was with the Prophet and we had entered the realm which your brothers in religion (the Jews) lived… I mean the dungeon of Kheybar…! There, there were some Jewish and some warriors all together. They had prepared a massive cavalry, and in their invincible fortress, they were ready for war.

During a battle which was fought one against another, they came and invited us in, but on the other hand, each man who had gone to battle, was killed from our groups.

After that, Muslims were invited to a general battle, and all the men were thinking to, was to save his own skin and some people were looking at me by saying: “oh father of Hassan [Abdul Hassan], do you go on, and save us!”

The Prophet once again sent me towards the enemies, and I killed everyone that fought with me, and like an angry lion, I attacked the troops of the enemy, and defeated everyone that stood up along my way!

The Jewish men felt the smell of defeat in the air, and escaped into their fortress and closed the great gates behind themselves, but it was I, who cut and upheld the roots of those gates, and threw them away, and began to walk into the fortress all by myself; I fought and killed each of the soldiers who wanted to stand against my way, and imprisoned their women, until I vanquished the city and on that occasion nobody but God Alone helped me!

7- The disavowal of the Polytheists

When the Prophet along with his followers was going to vanquish the Meccans, he wanted once again to invite them to Islam. So he wrote a letter to them and asked them to stop thinking about cruelty and war, and jus think about the Divine that may wait for them and stop their mischievous works; finally he gave them hope that God will forgive them. At the end of the letter the Prophet had pointed out to them about the “al Bara’at.” Verse [disavowal verse].

The Prophet had proposed the mission of delivering the letter to all the people around him and wanted someone to perform this duty, but all of them rejected that dangerous offer.

When the Prophet saw their behaviors, he chose himself: it was ((Abu bakr)) who had to deliver that letter and gave him that important responsibility. But when Abu bakr went away, the Archangel Gabriel came down on earth and announced: “Oh, Muhammad! No one can do this mission but you, or someone who comes from your own blood and kin! [After that, the Prophet called me and directed me that, I should go and find him without any delay, and take that message from him. Then I myself should have read it for the people of Mecca.

I entered the city, but what can I say about the people of that city….? If they were free to do everything they wanted to do, they would have shown me their dark and deep hatred and their hateful grudges against me! They would have cut my body and placed the pieces of my body on the head of each mountain! But I achieved my mission completely, and I gave them the Message of the Messenger of God and read them the letter he had written for them.

After that, some groups came and threatened me… Some people talked about appointing me in a high position in the city and giving me a lot of money; some other people had began to show their old enmity against me, but I just did what the Prophet had expected me to do.

Then Ali looked at the Jewish man and said: “My Jewish brother! These are the seven instances of my sufferings before the death of our Prophet, and we have not enough time to explain them completely and fully!” The wise Jewish man was looking at the face of Ali while, there came some tears in his eyes.

imam ali

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