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The Sufferings of Hazrat Ali during the Prophet’s life time (part2)

imam ali

4-Ghazveye Ohod (the Battle of Ohod)

The year after, all the Arab tribes along with the Qurayshi men gathered together and decided to be united, to get a revenge for their family members who had been killed on that battle. They wanted to kill all the Muslim residents of Medina. Once again Gabriel by the Will of God came down to earth and revealed their satanic plot against the Prophet.

After that, the Prophet with his followers, waited in the hillside of the mountain of Ohod, so that they saw the arrival of the heretics towards them. The battle began: in the beginning, the Muslims gave them a hard defeat, but on the other hand, they also witnessed the other side of the coin: that is the troops of the heretics suddenly attacked them violently from behind, and many Muslims reached the honorable rank of martyrdom.

On that perilous occasion, some of our soldiers escaped from the battlefield and were scattered in different places, and it was only I, who stood beside the Prophet, with all of my heart and soul!

On that occasion I received more than seventy wounds in my body, and these are the scars from my old battles! I hope God will give me His Reward in the hereafter.

5-Ghazveye Khandagh (or the war of Ahzab) the fifth year of Hegira 

After the battle of Ohod, Arab tribes (Quraysh), strongest and fiercest than the past, made a convention among them to collaborate in all matters and not to break their allegiance to each other to defeat the Muslims and to kill the Prophet and annihilate all the children of Abu Taleb once and for all.

With this wicked decision, they started the fire of anger and grudge: because they thought their plan would work, so they could kill all the residents of Medina. These miscreants had a strong trust in their war plan.

But once again, Gabriel came dawn to see the Prophet and told him about their plan. The Prophet of Islam along with the immigrants and the Ansars, started to dig a trench all around the city of Medina.

When the Quraysh soldiers and their followers arrived to Medina, they didn’t know anything about the Muslims? ingenuity: so when they came before the great dig around the city, they were not able to make a decision so as to what they should do for that strange problem, because they had thought that they were much more stronger than the Muslims. So they were very angry about our astuteness.

On the other hand, the Prophet was inviting them to embrace Islam and asked them to consider their souls… but it didn’t affect their cruel and heartless decision; it made them in fact even more angry, and they resisted by standing in front of the believers.

On That day, their greatest warrior was a man named Omar Ibne? Abdewad: he was one of the greatest swordsmen among the tribes, when he came into the battlefield. He cried out loud and acted like an angry, wild camel and challenged the Muslims to fight with him! He was turning his spear around his head, and for some moments, he was also turning his sword upon his head, but nobody had enough courage in his heart to go and fight with him.

On that critical moment, the Prophet ordered me to go the battlefield and to fight with him, but before I went, he put his turban on my head and gave me his sword as a benediction, as you can see it now [and then Ali touched his sword Zolfaghar.]

I walked on and I faced him up, the women of Medina were crying for me, because they thought I would die; but our God Almighty with my hand, killed one of the greatest warriors of the Arab peninsula! So God after that gave us victory and added another defeat to their past defeats.

The wise Jewish man found the fifth sign irrefutable. The color of his face was changed to white; he was looking at the face of Ali [peace be upon him] but after this last sign he was looking at the ground.

imam ali

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