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Historical Caravansaries, Qom

qaleh sangi caravansary

Atabaki Caravansary

This caravansary is located on the Qom - Kashan Road, and was planned on a four-porch style. Though this caravansary is of the Qajar period, its architecture bears a strong resemblance to the Safavid era. There are two annexes in the southern section. The materials used for the construction are stone, brick and sun baked bricks. Its towers are adorned such that they are worth taking note of.

Aveh Caravansary

This caravansary is located to the south of the Qom - Saveh Road. This brick structure, related to the Saljuqi era, and was planned on a four porch basis. In the four corners of the courtyard of the same are four chambers with arched ceilings, but their areas and material used for the walls differ. Alcoves can be noted within the walls of these chambers, and these seem to be locations for wall heaters. In the central portion of the structure, is a stairway leading to an underground water reservoir with two air ventilators.

Pasangan Caravansary

This caravansary is en route between Qom and Kashan. The same is a valuable relic of the 13th century A.H.

Qal"eh Sangi Caravansary

The same is located on the Qom - Ray Road, 35 km. to the northwest of Qom. This caravansary has been planned on a four-porch style. The structure is mainly of stone and dates to the Safavid era. This disintegrated structure has four semi-circular towers on the western and eastern sides.

Other Caravansaries

These are as follows: The Kenar Gerd Caravansary on Tehran - Qom Road, and related to the Safavid era. Dehkadeh Talab Caravansary on Qom - Arak Road, related to the Saljuqi and Safavid periods. The Sefid Ab Caravansary located to the east of the Salt Lake, related to the Safavid and Qajar periods. Baqer Abad Caravansary on Qom - Tehran Road, and of the Qajar era. The Pol-e-Dalak Caravansary on the Qom - Tehran Road, related to the Qajar period.

pasangan caravansary

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