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The Sufferings of Hazrat Ali during the Prophet’s life time (part1)

hazrat ali

1-Yomol Anzar

When God Almighty had sent His Revelation to our Prophet and had chosen him as a Messenger and granted him the Prophetic Mission, I was the youngest member of his family.

In those days, I was always with the Prophet, and I tried to satisfy him by doing everything well. One day, he invited the children of Abdul Mottaleb, from the oldest one till the youngest to his house. He testified to the Oneness of God and spoke of his Prophetic Mission and invited them to accept his Mission; but all of them had turned their backs on him and walked away from him and by ignoring him.

Other people did the same as his own family and tribe did to him, and his family resisted to him. As a matter of fact their hearts couldn’t tolerate the acceptance of his Prophetic Mission and their minds couldn’t analyze the meanings of the Pure Monotheism and the profession of these factors, were very difficult for them.

In this situation, I was one who accepted his invitation. Without any hesitation; I was so sure about my decision that I joined him with all of my heart and mind and felt no doubt what so ever!

Anyway, three years passed and in these years, there were nobody on earth that would accept the Prophetic mission of Muhammad ((peace be upon Him)) and the only persons who prayed with him were just me and the daughter of khovayled ((Khadijew)).

2-Leylat'ol Mabayat

Oh our Jewish brother! The tribes of Quraysh were always thinking about how to kill the Prophet of Islam, and for the execution of their hellish plan they did everything, until one day they gathered in “Dar ol Nadveh” and the forsaken Satan, from the Divine Court appeared, with the face of Avar thaghif before them.

Satan had expressed and revealed hidden apparent intentions and achieved their votes and persuaded them that from all the tribes of Quraysh, one young man should be chosen to attack the Prophet and kill him, while he was sleep. With this mischievous plan, a group would kill the Prophet, so nobody was ever going to surround their young man, and the blood of the Prophet was shed…

After they decided to do that, Gabriel came to see the Prophet of Islam and revealed to him their hellish plan, Gabriel also told him about the exact time and the night of that action, and helped him go out of Makah and directed him to a cave.

Mohammad Rasul Allah had talked about this matter with me and said I should sleep in his bed and sacrifice my life for him. I agreed to hid order and within my heart .I was content.

This specific and dangerous night had came and the Prophet of God left Makah, and I slept in his room .In the middle of the night, the men of Quraysh, without any doubts on their minds, entered the house, but when they opened the door of the Prophet’s room, I got up from his bed and attacked them with my naked sword, and you all know how I defended myself.

hazrat ali

3- Ghszveye Badr (The Battle of Badr)

The two sons of Rabieh ((shayabah and Otabah)) and Othabah’s son Valid, were  three courageous warriors of the Quraysh that were searching for opponents during the battle of Badr, But nobody had the ability not courage to fight with them.

at that time, the Prophet of God sent me to them , But I was youngest in among all the warriors of the troop of the Prophet, and I also knew that my fighting experiences were few, but God, with my hands killed valid and shayabah and I also had imprisoned  many of  unbelievers.

I had a lot of hardships during that battle and nobody in our troop had the same hardships! God bestow His Mercy to my uncle’s son, Obaydatebne Haress, because he came and fought alongside of me.


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