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The Sufferings of Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (part2)

imam ali

The Jewish man’s questions from Imam Ali

The sun was now raised and the shade of the wall had shortened. Under the sunshade in front of the mosque, a group of men gathered, and they began to talk among themselves. The Jewish man went to a column, and sat down near it.

He leaned his head to the wooden column, when he suddenly heard a rumor. Suddenly, men got to their feet, as if by a common accord. He did the same, without knowing the reason. He turned his head, and he suddenly saw Ali Ibn Abi Taleb who was very simply attired. But somehow a deep dignity and an inner majesty enveloped all his persona. He had a sword on his side and his clothes were very simple. He had put on sandals, made with the fibers of date-trees…

The Jewish man, who could not endure this anymore, felt his knees tremble. He got pale, and was forced to lean on the column which was behind him.

Ali passed among the men, sat down on the ground and faced the public. That day, the intimate friends of Ali were as follows: As’bagh Ibn Nobatah , Komeyl Ibn Ziyad, Meyssam Tammar, Habib Ibn Mazaher. They sat close to their lord, by showing him great respect. A moment passed in silence. Then there were questions from the people all around. There were also men, coming from other cities, who wished to receive answers to their theological questions, or in regard with the daily problems of their everyday life.

Some others had come there, to seek justice, and they were really stupefied by the fair judgment of Ali…

The Jewish man was amazed. He looked for an instant to Hazrat Ali, and the next instant, he looked at these men. He had not yet had an opportunity to ask his own questions. And then, he did not have the necessary courage for this... Time passed by quickly, but he could not let that precious time to go by.

He moved himself a bit, and then gathered his inward force to give himself the courage to stand up. But then again, he did not know what kind of a demand to make to Ali… it seemed to him that he had forgotten everything!  With great difficulty, he dampened his lips, and with a trembling voice he said: “if you permit me, I wish to ask you some questions…”

imam ali

The tone of his voice, and his foreign accent, often made the men, turn their heads towards him. Ali with a paternal look gazed at him and declared: “Make thy demands…”

After this cordial tone, all the particles of the man’s being were enveloped by these two things: The voice of the lord of the believers and its warm vibration! They put an end to all his agitations and uncertainties

He coughed, and with a great serenity that was new to him, he began thus: “I have read in the Torah that after the election of each Prophet, God Almighty, by way of His Revelation, makes his Messenger choose a man among his intimates so as to be his successor, and to maintain justice after his death. The Prophet then makes him swear might be able to put them in execution.

I have also heard that God Almighty, during the life of this Prophet, and after his death, gives all kinds of sufferings and painful torments to his successor. Thus, I wanted to know: if they have to endure trials during the Prophet’s life time and after his death, and what shall be their own ends…?”

Ali Ibn Abi Taleb replied: “I swear by He who opened the sea for the children of Israel, and Who made the Torah come down to Moses, that I shall answer all your questions! But if there shall be answers to which you’ll have to respond, will you answer them?”

“Oh yes, that I will do!”

The lord of the believers got to his feet and sat on the pulpit. He began to talk:” God Almighty, during the Prophet’s life time, puts on trial the successor of this Prophet for seven times. Thus, he can survey their measure and limit of their obedience. He then, nominates them as the Prophet’s successor after their deaths. Thus, he too shall receive obedience; just as the Prophet was due to receive obedience from the others.

Then after the death of this Prophet, God once again, puts this successor on trial for seven times, to see how far his patience and submission will go; and when these torments and sufferings reach their end, God grants him the great honor of becoming a Martyr. Thus, he could join the Prophet, and reach the absolute Bliss.”

Translated by :Sayed Farid Mohammadi   


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