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The Sufferings of Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (part1)

imam ali

The Jewish man’s first visit with Imam Ali

The battle of Nahravan with all its hardships ended finally. It had been so bitter and so full of painful events than the battles of Jamal and Seffeyn were nothing in comparison to it… After that, Imam Ali, lord of the believers, with his small group of followers returned to Kufa. When he entered the city, (or some say: the day after he returned), he went directly to the mosque of Kufa, and between the masses of people, started his epistle and said:  “O people! It was I, who cut the roots of revolt and rebellion! Something no one had been able to do, but I did it! Even though the waves of darkness turned to a great storm, and its difficulty was increased more and more. So, before loosing me, ask me about whatsoever that you wish to know! I swear to God, who has my life onto His mighty Hands, if you wish to ask me about everything that will happen in these days, until the Resurrection Day, I shall answer them all! Or ask me about some specific or unknown groups which shall direct hundreds of persons in the right path or on the contrary mislead them alas…! I will tell you who is their leader, where they will set up their camp and which of them shall die…”

After the sermon, some people stood up and asked him some questions. But between the masses of people, there was a sad looking Jewish man. He had listened patiently to the words of Hazrat Ali, and he was most surprised about that strange pretension. Because he knew that this strange request was so important [ask me before losing me] that if somebody should happen to talk about it, he should either be a Prophet or a Prophet’s successor.

He was one of the greatest men of the Ahbar tribe: a famous man and a scientist in one of the Jewish tribes in the Arab peninsula.

A few days ago, he had arrived incognito to Kufa, and had taken a room for himself in a small rooming house (inn). He searched for a man with some specific characteristics and features that he had been about in Moses’ Torah, and the Gospel of Jesus.

That day, when he saw Imam Ali, for the first time, he felt that he had known this man for many years… And when he heard the words of Hazrat Ali, a strange sensation had raised in his heart. People around him, told him that Hazrat Ali was the fourth caliph of the Muslims. But some other groups of men thought that he was the rightful caliph, and the very first Imam and the successor of the last Prophet.

imam ali

This Jewish man knew of Muhammad Ibn Abdullah as the glorious Prophet of Islam. He had also had heard some great things about a brave man who had never turned his back to any war, and never escaped from any violent combat; a man who had always stood by the Prophet and was known as his “brother” . He had heard about all the events that had happened after Islam. But up to now, he had never been able to see Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, or Ali Ibn Abi Taleb for that matter. But finally he saw Ali that day and heard his words… even though for a short time, but it was still enough to heal the old wounds of his soul, and answer to all his complex and unanswered questions that his thirsty heart and mind had formed helplessly…

But on the other hand, he couldn’t accept easily that this man was the “one”. That he was the same man that he had always called inside the labyrinth of his thoughts and heart, the “one” that he had prayed God to find and meet one day in the world…, he whispered to himself: “Maybe it is truly him that I had envisioned for so many years…? How many nights, did he steal from my sleep, and substituted it with extraordinary dreams…!”

On the other hand, he most wanted to satisfy himself that he had found him finally! But he told himself: “It is not right, I shouldn’t accept those feelings and satisfy myself! My mind tells me something else. I should examine and test him more carefully. According to my calculations He should answer correctly to all of my questions.

When he shall answer me correctly, and prove himself as a worthy man, then I will know for sure.... I’m one of the noble men of the Jewish tribe and I know everything that is to know about the Torah and the Gospel of Jesus! If I die like an ignorant man, anybody who believes in me, in my own tribe, will die like me, and in the hereafter, I will face a serious problem…

But I think it’s better to not hurry and hasten the events, and put my faith on this man. I should be more patient, and find a good occasion to ask him all my unanswered questions. I think this is a good idea, and then my heart will accept the truth….”

Translated by :Sayed Farid Mohammadi     


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