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Why Am I Left-Handed? (part1)


More than 90% of the world is right-handed. That means there are way more right-handed people than lefties. But if you're a lefty, don't feel alone in a right-handed world. Billions of people live on the globe. So there are hundreds of millions of lefties out there!

There are actually more lefties today than ever. Why? Years ago, teachers forced left-handed kids to write with their right hand. They thought that was the correct way. Back then, some people even thought there might be something wrong inside a left-handed person's brain. That's definitely not true. Today, everyone knows that being a lefty is perfectly OK and totally natural.

Left-handed people have healthy and normal brains, just like righties.

What Makes a Person Left- (or Right-) Handed?

Scientists aren't sure why some people turn out to be left-handed. But they have noticed that being left-handed runs in families. So they're pretty sure your genes, or DNA, influence whether or not you turn out a lefty. Since you get all your genes from your parents, you might be left-handed because your parents are lefties. But genes can't be the whole story because some kids have right-handed parents and still end up being left-handed.

Getting hurt can also make a person a lefty. Sometimes righties badly injure their right hand and can't use it anymore. Those kids and adults usually learn to use their left hand and become lefties. A lefty can also become right-handed if they hurt their left hand. So it works both ways.

Are Left-Handed People More Creative?

No. It's not true that lefties are always artsy. Right-handers Rembrandt and Van Gogh are two good examples. But here's how that theory began. For both righties and lefties, the brain is divided right down the middle into two sides called hemispheres. One hemisphere is on the right side of your head, and the other is on the left. But here's the strange part: For complicated reasons,

the right hemisphere controls movements on the left half of the body, which includes the left hand. And the left hemisphere controls movements on the right side.

Creative thought (writing a song, drawing a picture) happens mostly on the right side of the brain. So if you're left-handed, the theory goes that you're more likely to have a lot of creative thought going on.

But thought processes in your brain are way too complex to be limited to just one hemisphere. The two sides of your brain work together when you think. And just because you like using your left hand doesn't mean you only think with only one side of your brain.


Source: kidshealth.org

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