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Arabian Proverbs (Part1)


1. Book is like a garden carried in the pocket.

2. A book that remains shut, is but a block.

3. A kind word can attract even the snake from his nest.

4. A little and a little, collected together, becomes a great deal; the heap in the barn consists of single grains, and drop and drop makes an inundation.

5. A little bird wants but a little nest.

6. A little body doth often harbour a great soul.

7. A little debt makes a debtor, a great one an enemy.

8. A man profits more by the sight of an idiot than by the orations of the learned.

9. All mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immovable, those that are moveable, and those that move.

10. Beware of one who flatters unduly; he will also censure unjustly.

11. Compete, don't envy.

12. Death is a black camel that lies down at every door. Sooner or later you must ride the camel.

13. Death is a black camel which kneels at every man's gate.

14. Diligence is a great teacher.

Source: proverbmountain.blogspot

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