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The Power of Love

love - heart

You and I have read stories and watched films about love. You know the usual scenario — man and woman meet, fall in love, surmount impossible obstacles, and then either live happily ever after or one of them dies and it becomes a tragedy. The story of life! We sit and munch on popcorn until the film finishes and then go home. Then what? As Muslim we have to think: Is the greatest love that which is shared by a man and woman, or is it the love of a human being for his/her Creator?


Earthly love can be oppressive and destructive but one's love for Allah will always be a positive influence on the soul of the person and on those around him.

 Love for Allah infers obedience to Him, therefore, morality and piety. Such things are the basis of a sound and stable life individually and the basis of a sound and developing society.

Love is such a powerful emotion. It enlivens every feeling and nerve in the body and makes the person feel really alive so one will look at the other and say 'You make me feel alive!' or 'I've never felt like this before!'But the question is, does that feeling come from the person alone or from the arousal of such feelings that can come from more than one stimuli? This is the passionate love of a man and woman, but how many more noble acts and sacrifices have been made in the name of love for Allah and desire to spread His message? Yes, love is a powerful emotion – it can be directed to a target that will benefit you or to one that may destroy you.

Everyone is born needing to be loved and this feeling never stops. We love many people for many reasons. And this love is in fact a gift from Allah so that humankind may survive.

• A mother loves her baby — she'd do anything to save that baby.

• A father loves his child — he'd also do anything for his family.

• A man and woman love each other — they are committed to sharing their lives together.

• Friends can love each other so sincerely and with such loyalty that they'll undergo all kinds of difficulties for each other.

Author: Anthea Davis

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