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My Family"s Right Hand:Righteous Son or Daughter (Part 1)


You wake up in the morning, have your shower and breakfast, and run to your work or your class as quick as possible to arrive at the right time. You possibly will have a very busy day that might end up late, and then you'll either hang out with friends or return back home to have dinner and get some rest for the next day.

So, all of your day revolves around you, yourself, and your needs. It's you who needs to eat, to work, to have fun, and to rest. You might have your parents living near you or you might be living with them in the same house, but you don't put them or their interests into consideration. You'd rather do something to please yourself than do something to please them.

But, wait a minute! Haven't they given you most of their time when you were a kid? They overloaded themselves with work to bring you whatever you liked and yet felt very happy just because you were happy. They drove you to school when it was cold and rainy, so you wouldn't get sick. They cooked you the food you loved, studied with you, felt more worried than you did when you were waiting for the exam results.

And after all of that, you are only thinking of going to a faraway place where you can live all by yourself because you"ve become financially independent — you don't need to rely on them anymore!

Okay, you don"t need them — that"s fine. But, have you ever asked yourself whether they need you?

Your Parents Need You

The answer is ‘yes,’ most of the time. Even if they don't show it, they need your support, your love, and many times your help.

Remember that Almighty Allah says,

[Your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him and (that you show) kindness to parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age with you, say not ‘fie’ unto them nor chide them but speak unto them a gracious word](Al-Israa" 17:23).

Many parents suffer a lot with their youth and teenagers who don't seem to show any kind of commitment toward them. So, do you really want to be helpful to your parents though you are often too busy? Well, here are some pieces of advice that can make you the right hand of your parents.

Respect and Appreciation

A parent may sometimes ask one to help him or her with something. One tends to either ignore the whole thing or moan and yell that he or she is not a kid anymore to take orders and do them forcefully.

You need to remember that your parents were one day teenagers, so they know how annoying it is for teenagers to have tasks and chores that they don't like or don't realize the benefit from doing them.

It's too easier when you think of your task as a succor that you offer with full consent and even with a smile. This has another benefit: You"ll find out that you are being rewarded by Almighty Allah in this life and the hereafter because of your parents" du`aa" for you.

helping father

Another thing is that by exerting the smallest effort to help your family, you are training yourself for the future responsibility of having your own family.

So Close, No Matter How Far

So, what if you're staying in another town or country, whether you're studying, working, or living there with your new family? One important thing that you can easily do is calling your parents regularly to let them know that you"re always there for them. It"s now much easier than before with the technology of our time, which has made everything simpler.

You can talk to them through the Internet using any instant-messaging program, such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, or Skype. Check if they are okay, talk to them, and try to listen to their complaints with patience and empathy. Emotional support can sometimes be much important than physical help.

Also, try to make a trusted friend or a close relative help your parents with buying the groceries, doing the housework, or fixing anything at home, especially if your parents are too old to do these stuff. Also, by calling them regularly, you are giving them the chance to let you know if there"s something wrong that requires you to be with them.



By Mariam Al Moatassem Bellah

Freelance Writer - Egypt

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