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  • 6/23/2009

Ritual(Amaal): First Day of Rajab


1. Recite 10 Rakat Namaaz on the 1st of Rajab such that in every Rakat after Surah al Hamd, recite Surah Tawheed 3 times. A person who prays this Namaaz will be saved from the squeeze of the grave.


2. Fasting. It is narrated the when Hazrat Noah took his followers in ship there was order from Allah that everyone on the ship should fast. Who ever fast this day he will be away from the fire of hell for one year.

3. Major Ablution (غسل)


4. Ziyaraat Imam Hossein.

Ziyaraat Imam Hossein (A.S)

Ziyaarat Ashura: Audio and Written Form


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