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Imam Khomeini wise Saying: Preservation of Islam

imam khomeini


Our obligation is to protect and preserve Islam.

If we see Islam in danger, we must preserve it with our lives.

If the Islamic character of the Movement be maintained, no harm will come to you.

Preservation of Islam is burdensome.

Defense of Islam and the Islamic country in the time of danger is a religious, divine and national obligation incumbent on all layers and groups.

If we want Islam we must preserve this Republic.

Preservation of public expediency and Islam has priority over that of the individual.

Islam has survived by religious Jurisprudence and its decrees. We must all take care to preserve this school. We have the duty and responsibility to preserve Islam and today such preservation is possible by understanding.

The grandees of our Islam were slain trying to preserve Islam and the decrees of the holy Quran; they went to jail and made other sacrifices so that they could preserve Islam and hand it down to us.

Those who have resolved to save Islam should remain even if all others quit.

imam khomeini

Our revolutionary people must know that preservation of Islam and the Revolution and its outcome and maintaining respect for the martyr"s blood requires great Revolutionary patience and fortitude.

Islam is something for the realization of which we must all be sacrificed.

Dissimulation is for preservation of the Religion. When Religion is threatened, it is no time for dissimulation and silence.

Dissimulation is taboo when religion is threatened.

The whole nation must guard Islam.

Our duty is to preserve the popularity of Islam.

The day danger to Islam is deemed imminent we must all make sacrifices.

Islam"s predestined circumstances are also predestined for all Muslims.

It is incumbent on all, regardless of where we work and serve, to preserve Islamic standards before all services.

When one sees God"s religion in danger, he must rise for God; when divine tenets are threatened, one must rise for God.

If world mongers try to oppose our Religion, we shall stand up against their entire world.

imam khomeini

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