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burnt american helicopter intabas desert

The event of Tabas can reveal God’s grandeur and the aids from the World Unseen to the people so that it would be a lesson to the next generations.

The event of Tabas is the most terrible scandal on the field of unsuccessful American threats against the Islamic Revolution of Iran. This event which was ended by the Americans defeat is certainly considered as one of the greatest miracles of the century, because the United States of America (the Great Satan) started his attack aiming at destroying the Islamic Republic of Iran and Islamic Revolution. It used all of her energy and used all of the most sensitive and the most sophisticated military equipment along with the complete facilities and the coordination of all of the forces (inside and outside). This country adhered to an excuse, which was about the freedom of the American spies who were in Iran.

The officials of the White House and the Pentagon were sure about the successful ending of the operations for; they would consider no factor for interrupting the process. However; since God has always been keeping the nation and her revolution, there was a case realization of his aids from the World Unseen in Tabas event so that

It would be a solid proof for the tyrannical figures, to believe when God wants to do something it will surely happen.

tabas desert

The motivation and the situation of American military intervention

• After the second revolution [capturing the espionage den (U.S. Embassy)] and the defeat of the American deceitful threats aimed at influencing Iran and finally deteriorating the Islamic Revolution (the internal structure) and the revelation of the hidden hands who were the colleagues of the Great Satan (America) and taking them to the captivity, the military threats and the economic sanction were among the most primitive measures for over coming this victorious achievement and defeating it. All of the colleagues of the Great Satan accompanied her in all of these threats.

The propaganda, which was directed at the two above-mentioned aims were originally concentrated on the military intervention and it reached its climax.

Having got no successful results, the enemy shifted his attention toward the economic sanction and development of this mood to all of his colleagues. Two reasons were behind this:

1. It served as enemy’s last threat,

2. It was aimed at misleading of the public opinion so that they would forget the foreign enemy and pay attention to the internal affairs and problems and the economical difficulties.

•  One of the most important factors, which paved the ground for this attack, would be the unsuccessful results of the diplomatic efforts and the American plans aiming at the releasing of American spies.

(The missions of the persons such as Remzi Clark, Hans, Habib Shati, Banisadr and Qotbzadeh provide us with the best instances of the issue).

tabas desert

• During the enemy’s efforts and the American- based people, or better defined the political groups (with different tendencies of the Left or Right) were dealing with the case through creating hubbub, war and battle. They adhered to an excuse which was the so-called keeping of the university and avoiding it from being closed. They did all of these affairs so skillfully that it was thought that it would be a part of the whole military attack project.

• The Iraq’s tendency to add fuel to the fire, in the border lines with Iran and the hubbub of Kurdistan

It is very surprising to know that the aggressive government of America had arranged an intensive program for preparing her forces, in the deserts of Arizona. The program lasted for about 5 months. The location is the similar phenomenon of Iranian desert. The most sophisticated military techniques were used which included the military and defensive weaponry, the modern aircraft, which was supplied through heavy expenses. U.S. meteorological center had kept the Iran’s climatic atmosphere to ensure the secure landing in Tabas. Since that night was marked with the beautiful moonlight, no one would expect any drastic change in the weather, or occurrence of any storm.

tabas desert

 Source: ww2.irib.ir/occasions/Tabas/tabasEN.HTM

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