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Allah will save me

prophet mohammad

One day Rasool Allah (pbuh) was on a journey and very tired, so he sat down under a tree to rest. A bad man seeing that Rasool Allah (pbuh) was alone thought it was a good time to kill him quickly and quietly. He went towards Rasool Allah (pbuh) with his sword out in front of him.

He asked Rasool Allah (pbuh): "Tell me who can help you now?"

"Allah," answered Rasool Allah (pbuh) calmly.

When the bad man  saw how calm and sure Rasool Allah (pbuh) was that Allah would help him, he became frightened and the sword fell off his hand.

Rasool Allah (pbuh) picked up the sword and asked: "Now you tell me who is there to save you?"

"No-one" answered the man.

"No, you are wrong, the same Allah will help you also,"

 said Rasool Allah (pbuh) and then he let the man go.

When the man heard this he became a Muslim.

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Latest Comments
mehrdad afkari
It is moving and powerfull so help me god
Response from Tebyan :
Friday, May 1, 2009
When the bad man """"pbuh !!!!"""how calm and sure Rasool Allah (pbuh)

I think you should replace the "pbuh" to " saw"
Response from Tebyan :
Wednesday, January 21, 2009
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