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 Praying Allah to reach where?: Audio Lecture




Ebaada and Obudiyya are two different things and most of the people get them mixed up. Ebaada by itself has no value. Ebaada is to take us to state of obudiyya.

Ebaada is the physical actions we do such as Salaat (daily prayer) Hajj, fating of Ramadhan, payment of Zakat and the likes, while Obudiyya is an state of the heart which is created by the help of Ma’aref (knowledge) and Ebaada.

 It is a true  state of being the slave of Allah in heart. It is an state of mind to realize our absolute faghr (poverty). Ebaada  does not necessarily lead us any closer to Allah, if it is not with the right knowledge it can even distant us from Allah. Obudiyya is what we earn by Ebaadah and proper knowledge.


Topic:   Part A Ebaada and Obudiyya , Part B Ebaada and Obudiyya
Lecturer:   Saeid Tabar
Language: English
Format: Window Media

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