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Nice songs on Imam Hassan (as)’s Birthday

imam hassan

By: Mahmoud Karimi


   1- Imam Hassan's birth    

   2- Star


By: Mohammad Taheri



   2-Hazrat Zahra’s flower


By: Reza Helali


  1- flower comes


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Personality of Imam Hassan (a.s.)

One day, an old man was performing ablution. His ablution was futile and invalid. Imam Hassan (a.s.) ought to make him aware of his fault but how...
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An old man sat to do his Wudhu / Wuzu (Ablution). But his Wudhu was not correct. Imam Hasan (a.s.) and Imam Hossein(A.S) the grandsons of the Prophet Mohammad (saw)...
Imam Hassan (a.s) , A Brief Look Into His Life

Imam Hassan (a.s) , A Brief Look Into...

This is an account of the Imam after the Commander of the faithful, peace be on him, the date of his birth, the evidence for his Imamates the period of his succession, the time of his death, and the place of his Birth........
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afreen rivi
great article means alot to me

mashallah wasalaam
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Saturday, December 6, 2008
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