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Audio & video and  Written: Dua E Tawassul 

imam mahdi


Written Format of Dua E Tawassul :

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Audio & video Format of Dua E Tawassul:

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other links:

Audio and Written: Dua"a E Kumayl

A Short Version of Ziyaraat Imam Mehdi (AJ) on Friday

supplications of Ashura

Monday Supplication

Monday Supplication

Monday Supplication: It is recommended to recite the following supplication on Monday. The Audio is also available with English translation and Transliteration
Ziyaraat of Imam Javad(A.S): Audio and Written

Ziyaraat of Imam Javad(A.S): Audio and...

The article contains the Ziyaraat of Imam Jawad(A.S), the Arabic text and English translation is available . In order to listen the Ziyaraat please download from the following table.
Lailatul Raghaib and its Rituals

Lailatul Raghaib and its Rituals

As for the night of the first Friday of the month of Rajab or its first night, both known as the "Night of wishes" (laylat al-ragha'ib) during which is performed the salat al-ragha'ib....
Latest Comments
Its amazing it relaxed and mashallah voices
Response from Tebyan :
Saturday, September 22, 2012
Sayed Ajeeb Hussain
Response from Tebyan :
Thursday, June 7, 2012
Qaisar Ali Mehdi
very very nice. i have not listen this dua in such a wonderful voice.
Response from Tebyan :
Tuesday, January 12, 2010
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