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Nice songs on Imam Mahdi’s birthday

imam mahdi


by: Mahmood Karimi


Imam Zaman(as)


 Aba saleh(as)


 Imam Mahdi,hazrat Zahra’s son


15th shaaban

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Audio & video and Written: Dua’a E Tawassul

Special specifications of Imam Mahdi (AS)


philosophy of awaiting

philosophy of awaiting

Awaiting' (Intezar) is the result of two condi­tions. Firstly, he is not satisfied with the present circumstances and secondly, he expects the improve­ment in his circumstances....
Reduced Movement at Night

Reduced Movement at Night

He splits the sky at dawn, and appoints the night as a time of stillness and the Sun and Moon as a means of reckoning...
Ali Akbar, The Hashimite Prince

Ali Akbar, The Hashimite Prince

Hazrat Ali Akbar (a.s.) was the son of Imam Hussain (a.s.). He was a handsome young man of eighteen. His mothers name was Umm-e-Laila (a.s.). He was also a brave...
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