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Friends and students of Imam kadhim (as)

imam kadhim

When his honorable father Imam Sadiq (as) passed away the students and disciples of his father focused their attention upon him and took knowledge benefit from him for a period of Thirty-three years.

Some of his students were:

1. Ibn-e-Abi Omair: This man benefited from three Imams (as) [(Imam Musa Kazim (as), Imam Reza (as), and Imam Javad (as)] he was one of the well-known and renowned learned men of his time. He has left over large number of traditions as a memorial.

Some people had informed the government that Ibn-e-Abi Omair recognized the Shias of Iraq. He was arrested and they asked him to tell them the names of those whom he knew. He did not submit to their will, he was turned naked and tied up to the palm date tree. They sentenced him to hundred whips. But he did not speak.

Sheikh Mufid says this grand friend of Imam was imprisoned for as long as seventeen years. All his property was destroyed. Even after all these torments and tortures he kept his lip tightly closed and did not utter a single word.

2. Ali Ibn-e-Yaqteen: was one of the friends of Imam Sadiq (as). Marwan followed and pursued him, to get him arrested. But he himself escaped and flew and sent his wife and children to Madina. He returned to Kufa following the fall of Bani Omaiyide and Bani Abbasade's taking over the power. He established close contacts with the Abbasades and occupied important posts in their government machinery and used to help the Shias a lot.

Haroon fixed Ali Ibn-e-Yaqteen as his minister. Actually he was the delegate of Imam (as). Whatever Imam (as) ordered him he put that into practice.

Many times he desired to leave the Abbasades aside. But the Imam (as) stopped him from doing so.

He died, during the period when Imam (as) was in prison. He left over many books, as memorials, which are the relics and vestiges of Ahl al-Bayth (as).

imam kadhim

3. Momin ut Tak: He was one of the companions of Imam Sadiq (as) and Imam Musa Kazim (as), Imam Sadiq (as) called him one of his great friends, and held him in great esteem.

Momin was most powerful in discussion and he entered with whosoever into discussion achieved success and defeated him.

Imam Sadiq (as) said about him "Momin" is like a hunter falcon pouncing upon its prey.

4. Hisham Bin Hakam: He was a great expert of logical discussion. Where ever a knowledge problem cropped up he would be sent there by Imam Sadiq (as). He had a great expertise and mastery in the discussions concerning Imamate. He was ready witted and had abruptness in answering. He had a mastery and expertise in the problems concerning monotheism and belief.He wrote great number of books and had discussions with different scholars and overcame and defeated all of them.

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