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  • 6/15/2008

Write on air with new Bluetooth pen

wireless pen

Write in the air with new Bluetooth pen .Japanese corporation introduces what is being billed as the world's first Wireless Input Pen letting you air-write and see it on the PC.

The SMK Corporation pen, which can transmit the characters traced in the air to a PC, is equipped with a Bluetooth and a 3-axis accelerometer.

Combined with Bluetooth technology the pen utilizes a tiny built-in tri-axial acceleration sensor to detect the position of the pen in the air. When moved, the movement generates a signal which is transmitted to the PC and displayed.

The prototype pen interacts with a display at a distance of up to 10 meters and works without any specially formatted paper required by most Bluetooth pens.

wireless pen


First-ever glimpse of the Red Planet

First-ever glimpse of the Red Planet

NASA's newest Phoenix in the solar system sends pictures from the north polar region of Mars believed to hold a reservoir of ice beneath its surface.....
Dinosaur Tracks Found in Arabia

Dinosaur Tracks Found in Arabia

(ATHENS, Ohio) Scientists say they have found dinosaur tracks on the Arabian Peninsula, a discovery they say may shed more light on where dinosaurs lived, their migration patterns and how they evolved they way they did....
Alien Autopsy: Inside a Big Squid

Alien Autopsy: Inside a Big Squid

The colossal squid is a shy sort of predator. It's never been seen alive, preferring to hang out at depths of 1 km or more in the icy blackness of Antarctic waters, where it picks out its prey with eyes bigger than a human head.....
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majid aziznejad
oh men this was my dream....
Response from Tebyan :
Friday, July 4, 2008
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